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Dominance on the stock trading market is a problem, which can handle only by a well-organized and well-motivated company. Since the organization and operation of commercial entities are effected by means of shares, the major indexes and commercially attractive lots of shares are highly liquid commodity. And we need a lot of effort and work to be the first to buy one or the other lot. In order to avoid, and in absolute terms to exclude the risks of subsidence, management uses aggressive trading strategy in its trading activities.

The essence of the aggressive trading (Predatory trading) is neglecting of optimal risk values. Wanting to get the maximum profit for the minimum period of time is a deliberate overstatement of the value of risk per trade. However, if you use this method of trading in the form in which it is used by the majority of stock traders, there are serious risks of loss of funds in case of a negative outcome of the trade rates.

It's not just our "know how". This is the result of hard work of the whole team, which began its difficult path in the world of trading on the stock market in 2004.

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26 Fairview Road, London, UK, N15 6BL

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